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  • &II Fold wallet DIY

    Wallet with folded front DIY: Ingredients for this wallet:  (black) Leather +/- 40 cm cotton rope Tape (for making a ‘shoe lace cord end’) 1 Silver or black button stud , this is for fixing the cord (I used a silver stud and made it black with nailpolish) 16 CM (black) zipper (black) Sewing yarn [...] More
  • &II 30 minute wallet DIY

    New diy project: 30 Minutes – no sewing –  wallet tutorial. We want this! Let's start the DIY! Ingredients:  Leather  Two leather screws  Scissors or knife  A piece of paper for the 'envelope' pattern start with a washed denim. and don’t wait till it is dry. Step 1: Draw the ‘envelope’ shape how you want it [...] More
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