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  • &II pieces: The mottainai scarf

    I think this custom made project deserve some special attention. Inspired by the sentence 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue' we decided to make a personalised scarf from vintage silk pieces. Beautiful forgotten silk rescued from the gutter. The shape of the original blouse was not so beautiful but the fabric is! So [...] More
  • &II Inspiration: Nicoletta darita de la brown.

    From forgotten to the unforgettable. This work from Nicoletta darita de la brown is from 2013, named 'El barrio bodega' Rescued from the gutter; blowing down the street like city tumbleweed. ' I reclaim and elevate what once was discarded by creating embellished art objects. Growing up in Brooklyn and Harlem I'd visit my block's [...] More

    Recently we had a nice interview with annemarie from online magazine ENFAIT. (the article is in dutch) Renee Ferron geeft ons vijf redenen waarom vintage fashion een goed idee is Renee Ferron is de eigenaar van de vintage webshop en verzamelt al jaren mooie vintage items. Inmiddels heeft ze een flinke voorraad en daar …

  • &II Inspiration: Plantenhuis

    Discovered this great idea lately, A project by Femke van der Rijst. Femke gathers abandoned plants or trees, She give the plants some tender love and care, and when the plants are happy again, she give them to new owners so the plants have a nice shelter again. @plantenhuis it is also possible to lease-a [...] More
  • &II inspiration

    This book: really a help for seeking cabin/treehouses inspiration! fore sale at MENDO Sort of the same books are Hinterland & Rock the shack   More
  • &II Daydream

    Daydreaming about a cabin in the woods. Some of my best memories of last summer's roadtrip in the southern USA was our stay at 2 houses in the woods. We stayed at Rosie coke's -black cabin with the yellow door-  in the smokey's and at rebecca rebouche her beautiful burgundy red hideaway somewhere close to [...] More
  • &II Inspiration: Online magazine ‘The green gallery’

    With the painting of Einar Jolin as inspiration, Hugo Tomassen made this beautiful image for the fourth edition of the online magazine The Green Gallery. Take a look here Image: @hugo_thomassen for the green gallery.

  • &II that green feeling

    The selection of current andpause collection is inspired by greens. The woods, the outdoors and nature, combined with 1970 school style with vintage cars and material mixes. See the inspiration images below to get that green feeling. images: Pinterest Shop our vintage selection: More
  • &II PIECES: ‘I used to be a leather swatch before we met’

    'I used to be a leather swatch before we met' After a long period of gathering leather swatches, i carefully selected colours to combine together and made this handy purse for all your small and tiny belongings. This purse is made with 100% recycled materials, even the zipper is a vintage metal one! Nobody likes [...] More
  • &II PIECES: ‘I used to be a uwagi before we met’

    'I used to be a uwagi before we met' A Uwagi is a jacket worn with Judo sports. I adjusted the Uwagi to a more comfortable length and added hand sttched details onto it. The Original green belt is replaced for a tonal off white colour. Andpause details are attached at the inside of the [...] More
  • &II PIECES: ‘I used to be a bisht before we met’

    'I used to be a bisht before we met' A Bisht is an overcoat for men worn with festive occasions. I adjusted this vintage bisht (from origin long dark overcoat) Into a short jacket/kimono shaped top. Looks gorgeous worn with a high waist denim or a classic 501 jean. The nice golden details are kept [...] More
  • &II Interior DIY jellyfish airplants

    A while ago i walked into these alien-jellyfishy plants hanging in a store. I didn't bring them with me, but back home i kept thinking about these weird animal looking plants. After some (short!) research i discover it are airplants. -they dont grow in the nature in the Netherlands. Then ordered the airplants and shells at [...] More
  • &II PIECES: ‘I used to be a dress before we met’

    'I used to be a dress before we met' The leather of this pouch is thrifted at the ‘noordermarkt’ in Amsterdam during my study at the amsterdam fashion institute many years ago. The graphic seams in this pouch are the original seams from the pre-loved dress it used to be. Keep your bag organized with [...] More
  • &II Home inspiration: rugs

    Lets stay inside and sit on the carpet all night. images: Pinterest More
  • &II vintage levi’s 501 DIY project

    New diy project: My mom’s vintage 501 levi’s got new life! Thanks to some bleach and a fit change: from straight fit to tapered fit. i tried to bleach the denim as even as possible. (what was i thinking?!) At the end you will see the bottom part has soaked up some more bleach as [...] More
  • &II home inspiration: Velvet seating

    Currently in love with these velvet seats. Images: More
  • &II Scarf into top DIY

    New diy project: Scarf into top DIY. I found this scarf on a vintage market this summer, And i was thinking: Ey this scarf is even better in a top! Wear it with a black leather pencil skirt, heels & you’re good to go! How to start the DIY Ingredients: Scarf Single jersey in matching [...] More
  • &II Car love

    OK I have to admit. My guilty pleasure is my car. I ride a 1989 old 2CV. Translated from dutch: 'the ugly duck!' What i like the most about this car? Except for the noise? Everything;  The shape, the sound, the way it drives, the way you get shuffled by every turn etc etc. Images [...] More
  • &II Love for Velvet

    A selection of velvet items. i add some on my ‘wanted’ list. Images: Pinterest More
  • &II FAVOURITE: Flares

    The new basic fit: Flares! Combine this fit with high heels or sandals in summer Get inspired by the images below: Images: Pinterest More
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