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High summer favourite

With the warm weather ahead, all you need is this soft, silk and breezy one!
We have different soft blush tones available.

A blush story 4
A blush story 5
A blush story 2
A blush story 3

A blush story

Pale blush has become the new neutral. The new pink has become almost subversive and rebellious, a sort of in-your-face femininity.



&II Pieces

Handmade by Renee Ferron

Andpause pieces are items made from beautiful vintage materials. The &II pieces
are made by Renee Ferron with the idea to preserve stories from preloved products.
Sometimes with before and after pictures, sometimes with a 'where i was worn' note.

'This item is not just fashion, it lets you wear memories'.

The leather perforated top used to be a dress, One item of the handmade Andpause collection.

Renee Ferron at her studio based in the Netherlands.
Read the story

Vintage stories

Andpause offers you a collection with high quality vintage pieces appreciated for its unique character selected by Renee Ferron.
Each piece provoke thought and creativity whether in its craftsmanship, worn patina, pattern, quality or colour.


Wash & Care

We think it is very important to take good care of your unique items.
The selected vintage pieces by &II are mostly made in 100% fibres like 100% cotton, silk or cashmere.
Read the wash and care instructions we recommend for different materials,
so your beloved pieces will be part of your collection for a long time.

Size guide & Vintage rating chart

Size guide:

Unique pieces also have unique sizing.
To ensure you'll get all the information you need we provide all the measurements of each garment.
Please note that all measurements are made when the garment is laid flat.

Vintage rating chart:
We are always on the hunt for unique garments in the best quality.
to give you insight of how we look at the garments, we work with a vintage rating chart.


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