The Uwagi – One size fits all

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‘I used to be a Uwagi before we met’

A Uwagi is better known as a Judo jacket. This ‘Uwagi’ was used for Judo sports in the late 80’s Branded with a ‘Anton Geesink’ Judo label. (famous Dutch Worldchampion of 1961 & 1965)

Andpause customized this pre loved item in a gorgeous jacket. The length is shortened into half-hip length. And will look great on you wearing a flared denim or skinny jean.

The original labels with extra andpause labels are in the back neck.
With this Uwagi you get the original ‘orange belt’ + matching off white belt for a more tonal look.

This &II Judo jacket is at it’s best wearing on a Skinny jean or flared denim.
High waisted with a tee tucked in. On top you wear the jacket oversized.
You can vary your look wearing the jacket tightened with a belt or loose and comfy.

The fit of this Piece is ‘One size fits all’


Neckwidth: 16 CM
Chest: 60 CM
Length: 45 CM
Sleeve length: 60 CM

Size Guide

This garment is made in 100% heavy weight and premium quality cotton
and able to handle heavy circumstances due to its previous life.

Please bring this garment to a professional dry cleaner to ensure the garment stay’s in good condition.

The 30 cm high border is decorated with a handstitched embroided pattern. The binding along the neckline is padded with thick cotton layers inside. In the armpit and bottom hem there are beautifully hand repaired details. (see pictures)
THIS LINK will forward you trough the Blog post about the re-making of this Andpause Piece.

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