The scarab pendant


‘A treasure of the past’


Stunning vintage handmade 14k Gold scarab pendant.

Sacred to all Egyptian Sun Gods, the scarab amulet provided the wearer with the protection of the Sun & its creative life-force. The ancient Egyptians believed that the winged scarab god ‘Khepri’ flew across the sky each morning

Measurements of the pendant:
width: 1,8 CM
Length: 2,8 CM
Length with hanger: 3,5 CM

Taking care of your gold item. Use a (dry) small soft towel with fine fibres to clean your jewelry.

Please note, gold is a premium quality and can often be re-sized by your local professional goldsmith.
If you do not know what to do with (for example) a ring that is too big, please contact and we will help you finding the best solution.
Andpause is not responsible for any changes you make on the jewelry after your online order. All changes on the jewelry after purchase are at your own costs.

How things work after your order:
After your order is placed we collect your item from the safe and send your item with POSTNL.
Because the location of the save is external, the order picking can take up to 3 working days.
If the amount of your fine jewellery is above 500,- your order will be handled by the Dutch company ‘Micropakket’ This company is specialised in high value packages.
Andpause will keep you up to date about your order at any time.


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