The indigo big scarf


‘I used to be a blanket before we met’


This big royal scarf is made from a vintage fabric/ blanket found in the corner of  an attic in Utrecht.

And we thought, Let’s give it a Dye!.

With a small ‘indigo dying fest’ in the summer, Renee folded the blanket with the special shibori technique in a triangle shape, folded from the center to the ends in a symmetrical way. After this she tie the thick bunch of fabric with cords and 2 glasses at the outside. Then the dye process started. After every bath of indigo the fabric was getting more and more beautiful, and the indigo blue more intense. When the dying process was finished the scarf deserved some fresh new labelling, screenprinted by hand, Et voila. This beautiful scarf or blanket is now added to the shop!.

This &II blanket or scarf has the royal measurements of 183 x 143 cm.

‘One size fits all’

This item is made in 100% woven wool and indigo dyed. Do not dry it in the sun. The indigo colour will fade and turn yellow.

For the best result, wash the scarf (or throw) according the ‘cashmere’ washing plan HERE

Indigo dying is an ancient way of fabric dying. In the link below you can read all about the Japanese shibori technique that is used for this garment.

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